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Chicago Public Schools and Public Building Commission of Chicago




100,000 – 110,000 SF EA

Completion Date


Key Staff

Kenneth Schroeder
Todd Niemiec
Dror Ram

In 2006 Mayor Richard M. Daley announced a plan to construct 27 schools and additions within 6 years. As the Elementary School Design Architect for the Public Building Commission of Chicago (PBC), SMNG A Ltd. developed a new and enhanced prototype ‘kit of parts’ to serve CPS educational needs in a constricting economic environment. Based on CPS needs the new “kit of parts” was combined into “L” shaped, “C” shaped and “linear” school design prototypes and tested for viability on available and assembled sites. Based on these tests a given solution was further modified and enhanced to provide an appropriate entry point into the urban fabric, to provide a project-specific identity, and to address sustainable design objectives. Additions to existing buildings were planned to meet program needs as well as allow the constriction phase to move forward with minimal interruption to school functions.

SMNG A Ltd. assisted the PBC in zoning and code analysis, and preparation of documentation necessary for review by the Department of Planning and Development (DPD). Concept design packages were developed and conveyed to multiple Architects of Record (AORs) for completion of the design, bidding, and construction services for each school. To help facilitate parity and compliance with Owner standards SMNG A Ltd. performed peer reviews and participated in lessons-learned sessions to the benefit of the program at large. Through the employment of thoughtful and efficient planning strategies the size and resultant cost of the former prototypes were reduced and sustainability and energy savings were enhanced.

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