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Archdiocese of Chicago


$1.3M (phase I)
$1.8M (est. phase II)


4,221 SF (phase I)
5,692 SF (phase II)

Completion Date

TBD (in capital campaign phase)

Key Staff

Kenneth Schroeder
Todd Niemiec
Rafal Stawarz

With the eventual goal of consolidating two campuses of the existing school into a single facility, St. Matthias Church engaged SMNG A to develop cost-effective options to address current program needs, provide a new community identity and to allow for cost-effective expansion capability in the future.

SMNG A worked with stakeholders to identify and understand the greatest program needs and evaluate achievable options within the reach of the capital campaigns first phase. To help ensure the viability of future expansion, SMNG A developed a three two-phase options for consideration: a single-story option that could be expanded on one level in phase 2, a one-story option that would permit future vertical expansion, and a three-story option that could be executed in a single phase, for comparison. This project is currently in its capital campaign phase.

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